Imagine sitting in a local coffee shop with a close friend or two. The conversation is filled with big ideas, crazy thoughts, and boisterous laughter. There is trust and intimacy as you share your dreams, while listening to the hearts of your friends. This virtual platform is intended to recreate that atmosphere.

I want to encourage you in your plans, come alongside you and listen, give you a sense of hope, and strengthen you as a leader.




This forum presents and discusses books, articles, and podcasts that have spurred some thoughts.

Sources are cited so we can discover and make new friends.



This section shares the stories of those who have an impact on me and  the lessons I’ve drawn from them. There is power in a shared story, especially over a cup of coffee.



This is a forum to discuss some notes from lectures I have heard and presented. I believe our perspectives are sharpened through healthy and respectful conversations.




Next Steps…

The big idea is to start a conversation.

Post a comment on a forum, share an idea, or leave an invitation to meet in your favorite cafe, coffee shop, or quaint spot; I travel often, who knows, I may be in your town soon.