Now Serving Number… Not Yours

Indeed, that’s what I feel like right now… the ‘now-serving’ sign was getting close to my number, I was getting excited, but then there seemed to be a glitch and time jumped one way or another and my number doesn’t seem to be recognizable any more. It seems every time I talk to someone about the results of the process I am in, they say, ‘next week…’ or ‘we waiting on…’.

A recap of our transition; my job position dissolved, our house sold, we waited, we moved out, we waited, we followed the signs to move into a new ministry opportunity, we waited some more, and are now waiting to find a base, a place to call home, or at least ours. We have some cash, but not enough for a house. The house waits on the bank, the bank waits on stable income, the income is waiting on a decision. OK, I say, I will by an RV to live in for the moment… The RV can be paid for outright from money rolling from 401k to the IRA…which is in process. Even if we did have the cash right now, the RV needs a space to park… which starts another process. More waiting.

In this time of unsettledness, there are a few things I know: I know God is with me. I know He has a plan. I know I am in His plan. I know He loves me. I know He hasn’t forgotten me. I know He is providing everything I need. These are the foundations of my thought-life recently. I am reminded of so many people in the Bible, and in life, who waited on God; some waited well and were rewarded, some did not wait well, and they missed out on what God had for them.

I was reminded of my friend Habakkuk, who among other things has gotten patient with people mispronouncing his name. No matter how you say it, his name means ‘love’s embrace’ (wow that’s cool.) He is considered part of the remnant. The group of people who were left in the Promised Land when the Babylonians were rising to power. The funny thing is many people forgot that area was once the icon of anticipation. Times were tough. The light of Hope was fading, and it was about to get darker. Habakkuk shared his frustration to God… and God answered! The Bible book that holds his name is a record of that conversation… a conversation of hope and encouragement, a conversation to be a reminder in the hard(er) times. A conversation to strengthen faith. A marker for a prophetic word for those of us with hind sight.

Jumping forward in time, Jesus spoke parables about the Kingdom of Heaven being like a land owner who left for a long time. Jesus equated His Father to the land owner, we would be like the people who had received the promise. The promise was often vague, but good and beneficial. When the people in Jesus’ parables forgot the promise, they often perished or experienced turmoil. BUT the ones who trusted and followed the instructions were rewarded with eternal rewards and learned valuable lessons to share. The processes of the promise are moving; all the elements are in motion. It’s like a clock moving forward in time, some movement can be seen but some gears appear to be stopped or are hidden so far behind the other gears. Rest assured, the clock is working, but time is slow.

If you are feeling discouraged in your time of waiting, pray to your Father to find out His plans, write down what He says to you or remember the times you could see His provisions. Find someone to come alongside you and be an encouragement. Find the promises in God’s Word that took a while to come to be, and ask yourself what it might feel like to be in their shoes back then. Most of all, press on; rest in God’s faithfulness. He will not leave you.

If you’re not sure what any of this means, please reach out to me and I will figure out a way to get you the understanding you need. If nothing else… I will wait with you; we can share stories of the good times, promises (and the fulfillment of those promises), we can talk about the overcoming of struggles, and how challenges give us strength. most of all, please, don’t give up, because in your appointed time, our Father will deliver on His promises.


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