Playing in the Park

It’s no secret that I love to people watch. Given the opportunity I would snack all day and drink coffee as people walk by. I especially love sitting near parks on spring days. The kids have been pent up for the winter months and they are finally able to run, play, and get their energy out. Today, some kiddos attempted an escape from the play area. While they thought they had made the break, Mama was watching and let them run a bit. When the kiddos got to the mom’s limit of comfortability, she called their names and got their attention… when the kiddos turned around to see her, she offered hugs. The kiddos made it a race to see who could get the first hug. I give kudos to this mom for her technique. She let them experience a bit of freedom, then offered love to bring them back.

As I pondered the application, I thought of me as a kid and me in the place of the mom. I too have been given freedom to run, but there are some limits. When I get close to the edge, I am gently reminded to turn around to the embrace of my Father. As a parent or person of authority, I was reminded that gentleness is often rewarded over harsh yelling or making a scene over some who are exploring the bounds.

Then, another thought crossed my mind, we each have a choice to respond out of humility or out of our pride. When I respond to boundaries out of pride, I feel entitled, resentful, or even blinded by power; bitterness sets in and takes a root. But when I respond in humility, as a sort of guide to keep me protected from something dangerous, I am rewarded with perspective, insight, and cooperation; thankfulness is the predominant environment.

I hope you’re having a great day. I’d love to hear your thoughts, or life lessons.

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