I am sure you’ve heard that stressed spelled backwards is desserts. To me, this implies you get a reward if you look on the bright side of things. As I read today, the author made the point that stress brings out certain beliefs; extreme stress has a tendency to get us in touch with our religious roots.

It sounds like a deep concept, and it probably is deeper than I want to delve to keep this blog short. I would like to ask you how does stress affect your theology or religious beliefs? How do you respond when you hear someone famous was diagnosed with cancer? What if it’s a distant friend? A close family member? or, You?

I think it is easy to disconnect from the tragedy of bad news when the person is not a close relationship. But if you’re like me, the more a relationship connects with my heart, the more serious and drawn to prayer I am.

When a person suffers a tragedy, I often hear people say, ‘You’re in our thoughts and prayers’. While some might find that an empty offer, I think it plays into the spiritual beliefs of both the prayer and the victim of the tragedy. The tragic event evokes a connection to the people involved and to the deity the person is praying to.

My point today is this; when you suffer a tragic event, do you find solace in your belief system, medicate the pain with a coping mechanism, or ignore the painful feelings? How is it that you deal with tragedy?

I would be remiss to end this thought for the day without describing how I deal with tragedy or trauma. As a follower of Christ, I find comfort in tragedy by pressing into His presence and trusting He has a plan. When bad things happen, they push me into a posture as if receiving a hug from a very close friend. I am wrapped in His love and I can trust that I don’t need to have the answer to solve the tragic event. I used to choose to medicate the pain by working harder, surfing the web for pornography, and even eating desserts to calm the stress. But trusting in a Creator that knows what I need to grow, gain strength, and mature into the person I need to be, helps me to get through an otherwise stressful or tragic day.

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