Things I learned while Kayaking

I went Kayaking for the first time on July 4th. Kathy wasn’t supposed to get home until 10pm or so I thought, so a friend and I took the kayaks out for a trial run. My friend, Dan, seemed to be a natural at the sport. my approach was way more entertaining.

Here are some things I learned on the trip:
1. the kayaks look cool on the Jeep
2. Calzones, though excellent tasting, were not the best pre-kayak experience food
3. If you’re going to go kayaking, get the book, read the book, and pay attention to the numbers in the book….a 3 is not a beginners best friend.
4. If the book says it an hour and a half trip, and it really is your first time…triple it.
5. After the third time you’ve fallen out of your kayak…perhaps its time to be done.
6. Remember the calzones? and if you need to puke your guts out…make sure your friends are not close.
7. be sure and keep your keys in your shorts…that waterproof container on the boat…is not all that water proof
8. make sure your friend can get the truck….since you were a pansy and quit early
9. Remember to keep your phone dry

Thankfully, I did some of these right….but I did get banged up quite abit, I was so wiped out…Dan was a good sport, he did get the truck cause we quit halfway through. I think I’ll keep the boats, but there for a while I was going to give them to the next person that came by.

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