Relational Acceptance

Operating from a sense of acceptance allows us to embrace pain, grief, and disappointment.

We find sustenance to continue in life and difficulty.

There is an intimacy which affirms our status.

Which then empowers us toward great achievements.

My accomplishments stem from my well-being.

But this cycle also can be viewed in the reverse sequence, which may explain discontent, bitterness, or a lack of emotional health.

If I rely on my achievement to provide my sense of status,

I am sustained only when I experience success and personal victories.

My acceptance then, is based solely on if I am winning.

In this cycle, I believe I am accepted because of what I do.


What is your secret to living a healthy life? What is your source for your sense of acceptance?

I’d love to begin a discussion and hear your thoughts, whether in person or over the net.


This model and discussion is based on the article “Jesus Christ: The Heart of Member Care” by David and Joyce Huggett in the book Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices from Around the World, edited by Kelly O’Donnell.

diagram thanks to: Bridge Pastoral Foundation.

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