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God may not guide us in an obvious way because he wants us to make decisions based on faith and character.

– Dallas Willard


Soul Care

We listen like a friend. David Benner describes soul friendship as a relationship of care for the whole self, especially the inner self. We invite you to experience God’s presence in your life, to discover, explore, and discern.


We look forward. Trained as a Life Coach, we can help you achieve your goals by providing gentle accountability, asking strategic questions, and clarifying conversations about your way forward.


We host conversations. In a classroom, a board room, or just a pair of people, we can guide sessions to educate, train, or mediate your needs.


We are present. The Chaplain’s heart provides comfort and healing and is the core of our identity and purpose. Our Crisis Response and Trauma Care training sets a foundation for our methods. We offer the gift of presence to be with you.

Pastoral Care

We hear you, see you, and ask questions based on who you are and what you want. As a Pastor, I desire to guide you in connecting to what influences your insights and positive perspectives.


We walk alongside. You set the tone and guide the journey, as we are a sounding board for your ideas. We add to your creativity.


1 to 1 sessions

Examples: Spiritual Companioning, Biblical Counsel, Soul Care, Coaching, etc.

Marriage/Relationship Coaching

Examples: communication exercises, conflict management, etc.

Speaking Groups

Examples: presentation, sermon, lesson, wedding, funeral, etc.

Training Groups

Up to 8 people (negotiable for up to 20 people)

Examples: Team Building, Personality Assessments, Conflict Management, Marriage/Relationship, Trauma/Crisis response, etc.


501(c)3 Contributions can be made through Standing Stone Ministry

The longest journey is the journey inwards.

Of him who has chosen his destiny,

Who has started upon his quest for the source of his being.

Dag Hammarskjold

Let’s build something great together.

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